Teeth Whitening Services in Omaha, NE

Professional teeth whitening at Armbrust Dental is a safe, effective way to get the bright, sparking smile you’ve always wanted.

Teeth can become discolored for several reasons. Coffee, tea, tobacco use, and even some medications can all affect the color of your teeth. Sometimes, tooth discoloration can be hereditary. Regardless of the reason for your teeth’s shade, Dr. Henley will work with you to decide on a natural-looking shade of white and help you achieve it.

Dr. Henley's $99 Lifetime Whitening Club

Our Omaha dental patients can take advantage of two versions of our whitening club: Regular Membership with custom take-home whitening and Premium Membership with  custom take-home and in-office whitening.

Regular Custom Take-Home Whitening

The regular membership includes custom-fitted whitening trays and four tubes (two weeks’ worth) of Opalescence® professional whitening gel. At every six-month recall, you will receive an additional tube at no extra cost as long as you are our patient. If, at the end of the two weeks, you want more gel, you can buy four more tubes at half cost: $25 (normally priced at $50). The cost of this Whitening Club is a one-time fee of $99. 

Premium In-Office Whitening

The premium level membership includes everything above but also includes two in-office one-hour whitening appointments with Opalescence® BOOST concentrated whitening. This premium level is great if you want your teeth as white and fast as possible, or if your teeth are a bit darker than most to start with. It is also necessary to do take-home treatment in conjunction with the one-hour in-office whitening for maximum results. The fee for this level of the Whitening Club is $300. 

To remain a club member in good standing and receive your free whitening gel tube at recall appointments, you must:

  1. Get your teeth cleaned at least twice per year (12-month period)
  2. Fail to keep or not cancel or any appointment without 48-hour notice of actually speaking to a staff member

Dr. Henley's Lifetime Whitening Club puts a top-of-the-line whitening product in your hands for a price that is almost too good to be true. The Whitening Club for $99 is one of the best deals going. Even if you elect to buy more gel or decide on the Premium level membership ($300) it's still one of the best and most economical ways out there to effectively and predictably whiten your teeth. Plus, it's all under the supervision of a qualified professional—unlike over-the-counter products!

To learn more about teeth whitening and Dr. Henley’s Lifetime Whitening Club, schedule an appointment at our Omaha dental office!