What Sets Us Apart

Come visit the best-kept secret in Omaha!

Quite simply, Armbrust Dental is a general dentistry practice geared towards people who take their dental health and appearance seriously. Maybe some of you have been avoiding the dentist for some time. Maybe some of you have even been regularly seeing a dentist but just getting patched up or not really following through. Maybe some of you are aware of problems and maybe some of you are unaware of any dental problems. Maybe some of you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and are looking for a change. Maybe some of you are content with your dental appearance but want to ensure it doesn't deteriorate. Maybe some of you have dental insurance and maybe some of you do not. Maybe some of you are in good dental health and want to maintain that and maybe some of you are just downright tired of having dental issues. Whatever your background, history, or story, if you are ready to take control of your dental future and are serious about your dental and overall health, then we are the office for you!

Cutting-edge Dental Technology

Armbrust Dental had digital X-rays from day one (1998) and recently acquired a cone beam digital machine, which allows us to take X-rays that show your jaw and teeth in 3D! This is innovative technology helps Dr. Henley in placing dental implants and performing root canals.

Our CEREC® computer allows us to make dental restorations such as crowns and inlays in office often in one visit! Armbrust Dental was one of the first dental practices in Nebraska to offer this technology!

Our Omaha dental office offers nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, for this who are mildly apprehensive. We also offer IV sedation for those who are truly fearful of dental work. Dr. Henley has been licensed and performing IV sedation procedures since 1990.

Our newest feature is our PerioLase® dental laser. It is the only laser that is FDA approved for regeneration of bone and attachment lost due to gum disease. It allows for treatment of many dental issues, often in a more comfortable manner without the need and pain of traditional cutting and sutures!

Making Dentistry Affordable

The Armbrust Dental team does everything we possibly can to maximize your insurance benefits, but when it comes to your dental health, you shouldn't let your dental insurance dictate or limit your care. We're on YOUR side and want you to achieve the best health you can and have the best treatment options available to you regardless of insurance.

Our office team has many years of experience in finding ways to make your dental care affordable. One popular option for larger cases is interest free financing through CareCredit. Whatever your situation, our professional staff will work with you in a caring and friendly manner to find payment options that fit your needs.