Is Laser Gum Therapy Right for You?

Is Laser Gum Therapy Right for You?

Is Laser Gum Therapy Right for You?

Is Laser Gum Therapy Right for You?

June 10, 2021
Dental Health

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of a laser in treating gum disease. Many adults suffer from gum disease. One of the most effective treatments for it is periodontal surgery. Even so, not everyone can have this surgery. This is where laser gum therapy becomes an option.

If you want to find out if laser gum therapy is for you, here is what you need to know.


You Want a Painless Procedure with Faster Healing


Periodontal surgery involves stitches, gum recession, and pain. Studies show that patients who do not want these surgical effects can turn to laser gum therapy. This form of therapy is painless. It also results in better healing. Bone and gum tissues have a more natural reestablishment with laser gum therapy.


You Are on Anticoagulants


Traditional periodontal surgery does not allow patients to have surgery if they are on anticoagulants. It can be dangerous especially if the bleeding is excessive. Laser gum therapy is conservative. It allows you to have periodontal surgery even while you are taking anticoagulants. A laser can control bleeding in an easier, more effective way. This gum therapy is also ideal if you are at risk for cardiovascular accidents from taking anticoagulants before surgery.


You Have Chronic Health Conditions


Patients with chronic health conditions (clotting problems or diabetes) tend to have slow healing capabilities. Some of them do not even heal at all. That is why their doctors tell them to avoid broken skin or cuts. This is where laser gum therapy can help. This procedure skips incisions and sutures while removing the source of gum infection.


You Have Light to Advanced Periodontitis


Light or early-stage periodontitis involves deep gum pockets. These gum crevices harbor bacteria. Your dentist can treat the infection right away with laser gum therapy. At the same time, your dentist can close the deep pockets without any problem at all.


Patients with moderate periodontitis have loose teeth, bad breath, and pus coming out of their gums. Laser gum therapy can stop the infection. It can seal the openings of gum infection. Laser gum therapy can also prevent the patient’s teeth from falling out.


Dentists often use several traditional surgical methods in removing infected gum tissues. A bone graft and dental implants are also strong options in restoring jawbone tissue. Laser gum therapy removes the complications of traditional oral surgery. Healing is also faster with this type of therapy.


You Want a Precise and Less Invasive Procedure


Laser gum therapy is precise. It only targets infected gum tissue. The laser does not harm healthy gums during the procedure. Bleeding is not excessive because the laser does not slice your gum tissue. The heat from the laser even encourages faster healing and new gum tissue growth.


The absence of incisions lowers your risk of infection, bleeding, and sensitivity. This reduces your risk of complications. The gentle approach of laser gum therapy makes it a more attractive option to many patients. These patients are less apprehensive about seeing a dentist for treating their periodontal disease.


Laser gum therapy is a better option in treating gum infections and restoring the affected oral structures. At Armbrust Dental, PC, we aim to provide safe dental procedures with quality results. Please visit our clinic in Omaha, Nebraska, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 402-396-0003 if you want to schedule an appointment or make inquiries about our laser gum therapy packages.