Tips for Great Oral Hygiene and Healthy Smiles

Tips for Great Oral Hygiene and Healthy Smiles

Tips for Great Oral Hygiene and Healthy Smiles

Tips for Great Oral Hygiene and Healthy Smiles

March 31, 2020
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Achieving good oral hygiene and a healthy smile takes a lifetime of care. Most people do not know this, but the human mouth is home to billions of bacteria, which often build up as gingivitis, cavities, and plaque. Therefore, it is important to brush your teeth after meals, to floss at least once per day, and to use antimicrobial mouthwash. A healthy diet will also help keep those disease-causing communities of bacteria under control.


How Bacteria Cause Tooth Decay

These bacteria are constantly recycling the drinks and foods you eat, thereby causing tooth decay in the process. To continue growing or reproducing, they need the sugars in the drinks and/or food you consume. They produce waste products in the form of dental plaque, which will allow the bacteria to stick around your teeth. Eventually, they will produce acids that will cause cavities by breaking down the tooth enamel.


Brush Your Teeth Before Going to Bed

The common recommendation is to brush your teeth at least twice daily. However, many people neglect or forget to brush their teeth before going to bed. You should brush before sleeping to remove the germs and plaque that builds up during the day.


Pay Special Attention to Your Tongue

Plaque can also form on your tongue, which can cause bad breath and other oral hygiene issues. Therefore, in the process of cleaning your teeth, you should also brush your tongue gently and thoroughly.


Use the Right Brushing Technique

Using the wrong brushing technique is almost as bad as failing to brush at all. The way you clean your teeth is as important as brushing your teeth after meals. Do not be in a hurry to finish the job. Take your time and brush in careful, circular motions to get rid of plaque, which can harden and lead to early gum problems.


Use the Right Toothpaste

To achieve great oral hygiene, you should use fluoride toothpaste. No matter the make of toothpaste you prefer, just ensure it has fluoride. This is more important than making a choice based on flavor or whitening ability. Some people worry about the impacts of fluoride on other areas of health. There is a good reason why it is a mainstay in oral hygiene, and it is because of its amazing defensive and cleaning power. In addition to creating a protective wall for teeth, it also works by killing germs that cause tooth decay.


Floss Regularly

Many people often neglect to floss. The purpose of flossing is not just to remove those annoying pieces of broccoli stuck between your teeth. Flossing is a great way to reduce plaque, stimulate your gums, and lower inflammation. Do not let any flossing difficulties prevent you from enjoying these benefits.


Other tips for great oral hygiene and healthy smiles include using mouthwash, drinking lots of water, eating more veggies and crunchy fruits, limiting your consumption of acidic and sugary foods, and visiting your dentist at least two times a year. If you want to have a healthy smile, Dr. Kenneth Henley and our skilled dental team are ready to help you. Armbrust Dental in Omaha, Nebraska, takes pride in offering high-quality and comprehensive dentistry in a helpful and welcoming environment. Call us at 402-396-0003 to set up an appointment.