Top Reasons Why You Need to Get a Tooth Extraction

Top Reasons Why You Need to Get a Tooth Extraction

Top Reasons Why You Need to Get a Tooth Extraction

Top Reasons Why You Need to Get a Tooth Extraction

October 31, 2020
tooth extraction

There are different dental procedures that are used in the treatment of teeth. Dentists use different procedures like fillings, bonding, and sealants to treat damaged teeth. In some cases, the dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is where a dentist removes or extracts a patient’s tooth. Often performed by oral surgeons, the dental procedure is used when the tooth or teeth in question cannot be saved.

If your dentist recommends extraction for your tooth, it helps to understand why it is necessary. The following are some reasons why you may need to get a tooth extraction.

You Are Getting Braces

Before you get braces, the dentist will need to examine your teeth to see how they will respond to the treatment. In some cases, it may be necessary to extract teeth to ensure optimal results. The examination may determine that you have too many teeth for your jaw or mouth. You might also have an impacted tooth that can affect the abutting teeth. In some situations, wisdom teeth may need to be removed to keep the other teeth from going out of alignment.

Irreparable Tooth Damage

Severe tooth decay can cause the tooth to be damaged beyond repair. When this happens, extraction is the only option. When the decay gets to the tooth’s center, the bacteria affect the pulp leading to infection. A root canal can help to treat the infection, but a severe infection will require extraction. A tooth extraction will help to keep the infection from spreading to other teeth. Severe infection can go beyond the mouth to affect other parts of the body, such as the heart.

Severe Gum Disease

If you are suffering from serious gum disease, regular periodontal procedures may be ineffective. When this is the case, tooth extraction is recommended. Severe periodontal or gum disease often causes bone loss on the jaw. This makes it impossible for the jaw to support the teeth effectively. In such cases, it may only be the abutting teeth holding up the diseased tooth.

An Impacted Tooth

If you have an impacted tooth, extraction is necessary. An impacted tooth occurs when the gums fail to erupt, and they prevent the tooth from coming out. The blocked tooth may need to be extracted to keep it from affecting other teeth. The extraction helps to reduce the risk of overcrowding and infection. This usually happens with the wisdom teeth.

Teeth Overcrowding

Tooth extraction is necessary to deal with tooth overcrowding. During the procedure, a tooth or teeth are extracted to reduce overcrowding in the mouth. This can also be done when the patient needs orthodontic treatment, and space is needed for teeth to move. This helps to ensure proper realignment. The orthodontist will strive to ensure a better alignment of the teeth.

For a patient to benefit from the best dental care, it may be necessary to get a tooth extraction. This is an effective treatment option that can help to protect the remaining teeth. Extraction can help to prevent the spread of oral infection. This dental procedure can contribute to the patient’s overall health.

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