What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

March 21, 2019
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A fear of the dentist is much more than a cliché for those patients that suffer from it. By not visiting their dentist regularly, their dental health will begin to suffer very quickly, and this can have repercussions for the retention of their teeth and even their wider health. Fortunately, sedation is now able to be used in dentistry, enabling patients who were previously too scared of the dentist to be able to tolerate everything from a dental check-up to invasive treatments like root canal or extractions.

But, what does the ability to tolerate a dental appointment mean for you? Sedation dentistry is a solution that offers patients a variety of different benefits associated with their dental health.

The ability to overcome your fear

Okay, so you aren’t entirely overcoming your fear. Chances are, without the sedation you would still be incredibly nervous about undergoing a dental appointment. In fact, your anxiety may be so severe that you avoid booking a visit at all. However, sedation medications do help patients feel more relaxed and in control, and this can help you to get a sense of pride in being able to overcome your emotions and do something that is essential for your health and wellbeing.

Better oral health

It goes without saying that if you visit your dentist regularly, you are going to have better oral health. Brushing and flossing at home are crucial for optimal dental health, but no-one can clean your teeth quite as well as a professional who has the tools and visibility of your mouth to do a truly thorough clean. In addition to this, your dentist can identify and treat developing dental problems early and before they severe consequences for the function or appearance of your smile.

Better breath

If you have ever had bad breath in the mornings, you will know quite how unpleasant it can be. Unfortunately, patients with bad dental hygiene because they don’t visit the dentist regularly are more likely to suffer from chronic bad breath. This can be embarrassing and affect your relationships.

Reduced risk of periodontal disease

When it comes to taking care of their teeth, many people overlook the importance of gum health. However, the gums play a vital role in retaining your natural teeth. When a patient has severe plaque on their teeth, they are more likely to suffer from periodontal disease – an inflammatory condition that occurs when plaque spreads on to the gums, causing irritation and eventually infection. Without treatment, gum tissue may pull away from the teeth, causing them to become lose. Bone in the jaw may deteriorate too. Finally, the bacteria causing the infection can get into the bloodstream and pass around your body, infecting your major organs and contributing to a range of health problems including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Dental care for patients with disabilities

Although sedation dentistry is largely associated with patients whose fear of the dentist stops them from attending regular dental check-ups and undergoing necessary treatment, it is also extremely valuable for another group of patients – those with disabilities.

There are many physical or cognitive disabilities that make it difficult or even impossible for the sufferer to manage a routine dental appointment. This could be for a range of reasons. Perhaps they don’t understand the instructions given to them or are incapable of following them. Other patients may be physically unable to sit still while their dentist completes the necessary checks or work.

Fortunately, sedation dentistry can make it possible for those patients with disabilities to get the dental care that they deserve, benefitting their oral and overall health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in learning more about sedation dentistry, or if you feel that it may benefit you and you would like to make an appointment to discuss your suitability for sedative medications, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our friendly staff at our dental practice in Omaha, NE today.