Why Wearing a Dental Night Guard Is Important

Why Wearing a Dental Night Guard Is Important

Why Wearing a Dental Night Guard Is Important

Why Wearing a Dental Night Guard Is Important

July 16, 2021
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Has your dentist asked you to wear a dental night guard for your teeth clenching and grinding? Nightguards have numerous benefits, many of which are to improve your health, spare you from pain, and even save you money.


A dental night guard is a plastic piece that can be either soft or hard. It is molded to cover the biting surfaces of your teeth, and you can wear them on the top or the bottom set of your teeth. It helps protect your teeth from grinding and clenching as you sleep. Here is why it is important to wear a dental night guard if you tend to grind your teeth or clench your jaw during sleep.


To Stop Tooth Damage


A dental night guard guarantees that your top teeth are not in direct contact with your bottom teeth. Grinding eats away at your enamel, and the gradual loss of enamel causes your teeth to become too sensitive. Because you are not aware that you are grinding your teeth during sleep, you do not have control over the habit unless you wear a nightguard.


To Prevent Headaches, Pain, and Tension in the Jaw


If you constantly wake up with dull headaches, then you could be clenching and grinding your teeth as you sleep. Along with the headaches, you may also experience toothaches, jaw muscle fatigue, jaw aches, neck pain, and earaches if you usually grind or clench your teeth too much.


Having a dental night guard specially made for your mouth helps avoid these issues. It also greatly reduces the tension that your jaw and muscles experience from clenching during sleep. Your teeth and jaw get to relax.


To Avoid Snoring


When you clench your jaw while you sleep, it becomes harder for you to breathe. When you fail to breathe properly as you sleep, you may end up snoring. Although your partner may find snoring more annoying than you would, it is still necessary to resolve the issue.


Wearing your dental night guard will separate your jaws and increase the air you can breathe in as you sleep. This air increase improves breathing and reduces snoring.


To Help You Develop Better Sleep Patterns


Teeth grinding and clenching are unhealthy sleep habits that increase discomfort and disrupt your sleep pattern. Putting on your dental night guard will help ease any discomfort by relaxing your teeth and jaw. This way, you can sleep soundly and enjoy a good night’s rest.


To Save You Money


Saving your teeth saves you money. Jaw clenching and teeth grinding can cause a lot of damage over time. It can chip or break your tooth fillings, costing you trips back to your dentist. Severe tooth damage can have you undergoing major dental procedures that may cost you lots of money.


If you can detect teeth grinding and jaw clenching early and prevent further damage with a dental night guard, then you are saving yourself some huge expenses down the road.


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