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Hate going to the dentist?
Relax at at Armbrust Dental with IV sedation!

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- Stress free appointments
- Fewer appointments
- No gagging
- Little to no memory of the procedure

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Although you may have heard sedation dentistry described as “sleep dentistry,” this is inaccurate in most cases. In the old days' sedation dentistry was only available under general anesthesia, which puts the patient to sleep and was performed in a hospital setting; however, this is not common and unnecessary for the vast majority of people. Instead of needing to sleep through the procedure, many people need and prefer a level of relaxation.   Sedation dentistry is simply using medication to produce a state of relaxation.  With some forms of sedation, people do fall asleep (hence the term) but not for all.

If you experience:

- Severe gag reflex

- Extremely sensitive teeth

- Difficulty getting numb with dental anesthetics 

- Inability to sit still for long in the dental chair

- The need for a significant amount of complex dental treatment

- Past bad experiences with dental visits us today to learn more about making visits to the dentist stress-free!

dental implants, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dentist omaha, omaha dentist

About IV Sedation

Read testimonials from satisfied patients!

"I️ have been going to Armbrust Dental and Dr Henley for over 20 years. Today I️ had to have a 3/4 crown put on. I️ was amazed at how Dr. Henley used a 3D printer to make my crown right then in the office! One visit and I’m done."


"Amazing team! Very welcoming, friendly and they make you feel very comfortable. They do great work!"


"This is a stand-up, stand-out dental practice. The staff is friendly and professional and Dr. Henley is excellent!"

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